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Ecomuseum of Marquèze is closed 
Open from the 30 march to 29 september 2024

Demonstrations of traditional techniques and crafts

Discover the traditional crafts of the inhabitants of a Landes district in 1890 with our daily demonstrations. The Ecomuseum presenters reveal various aspects of everyday life. To find your way around, a free visitors’ guide is available from the welcome desk.

Demonstrations of traditional techniques in the morning

  • Traditional cooking  : From 10:30am to 1:00pm, At the Miner’s House

  • Discover the secrets of the gardens* : From 10:30am to 12:30pm, At the Medicinal Herb Garden (*excluding September)

  • Arrival of the shepherd on stilts and his herd  : At 10:45am, Around the Field

  • Tour of the Watermill : Tours start at 10:45am, 12pm and 12:30pm (duration 30 minutes)At the Watermill
  • Yoking the oxen with the cowherd : At 11:00am (duration 20 minutes), At the Stable


Demonstrations of traditional techniques in the afternoon

  • Meet the "Daoune" (housewife) : From 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm at the Marquèze's House
  • Lace or needlework : From to 2pm to 3pm at the Miner's House
  • Tour the Watermill : From 2pm to 5:45pm at the Watermill
  • Take care of the pigs : at 2:30pm (duration 45 minutes) at bugadèr
  • Taking care of the pigs : At 2:30pm (duration 45 minutes), At the Wash House 
  • Introducing to stilt-walking : From 3:15pm to 5pm at sheepfold in the Airial
  • Meet the Spinner : At 3:30pm, 4:15pm, 5:00pm (duration 30 minutes) at the edge of the Airial
  • Loom weaving : From 3:30pm to 4:30pm, At the Farm Hand’s House

  • Yoking the oxen with the cowherd : At 3:30pm (duration 20 minutes) at the Sable

  • Straw hat and mat making : From 4:45pm to 5:45pm at the Marquèze's House

  • Sheepdog at work with the herd : At 5:45pm Around the Sheep Pen in the Airial       


Guided tours (only in french)

10:30 am
11:10 am *
11:50 am
12:20 pm *
14:30 pm
15:10 pm *
16:30 pm * 

*09 and 10 April, between July and August, and 16 and 19 September only

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